About Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa Gwin and I’m the one behind this blog! I’m a photographer and graphic designer by trade, but I wear so many other hats than that…wife, mom, “chef”, organizer, party planner, doggy lover, Pinterest addict, procrastinator, etc. The root of everything I do basically comes back to the fact that I’m just an artist/creative spirit at heart. I love projects in all forms…recipes, photo sessions, bargain shopping (it’s artistry…trust me), bringing new life to old pieces of furniture, planning parties and children’s activities. The list could go on and on.

That brings us to my blog…Live Life Artfully. It’s how I try to live my life. God is the ultimate creator and He created us for himself, so why not use that which is inside us to bring honor to Him?! I know part of my purpose is to be creative. I may not know my whole purpose just yet, but I can at least live life artfully until I do! 🙂

I hope my blog will inspire you to try new things, give you new ideas, make you laugh, encourage you to share your ideas, ask questions…help you learn to live artfully!


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