Manic Monday: Insanity #9

WEEK 7 (what was supposed to be)

This week was a little bit of a disappointment. Monday started off a little crazy b/c little man and I were driving back home from being out of town all weekend. My hamstring was still hurting, so I didn’t even consider doing the workout.

As soon as we got back in town, I realized, it was madness as people were tapping the gas stations dry and clearing the shelves at Walmart in preparation for Hurricane Isaac. Starting Tuesday, we were working on preparing our house as it was projected to hit us Wednesday night. Tues-Wed were spent preparing for the storm. Thursday was the day we were supposed to see the worst of it, but it ended up changing direction and we hardly saw even the slightest bit of bad weather.

Because of missing so many days of the workout, I decided to sit the rest of the week out and just start back up this next week. Honestly, I will be so glad when this program is ALL DONE with. It usually takes up my usual break time, where I either take a quiet break from everything or do projects around the house I can’t do while little man is awake. I’m sure I’ll find some sort of exercise/program to keep working on toning my muscles, but this extreme routine is not something I’m up for going through again…at least not now.

THREE more weeks to go!!! I can do this!


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