Manic Monday: Insanity #8

Day 31 (8-20-12)

Today is the start of week 6 for me…the start of the 2nd half of this Insanity workout. I just finished my Fit Test and sadly, I still have another workout to do. Normally the Fit Tests are done on a Monday and it alone counts for your workout…not this round. I still have Max Interval Circuit left to go. :/

After the fit test, I’m pooped! I’m taking a little break between it and the next workout so I can stop breathing like a woman in labor blog my results…compared to the first day of Insanity. So here you go…

Exercise                    Day 1            Day 31

Switch Kicks………………60……………….82

Power Jacks………………35……………….40

Power Knees……………..70………………..82

Power Jumps…………….21………………..20…I wore myself out on the first 3 exercises 😦

Globe Jumps……………..6…………………..9 (each number represents a round of 4…24–>36)

Suicide Jumps…………..14…………………21

Push-Up Jacks………….13…………………23 (see! arms are getting stronger!)

Low Plank Oblique……..37…………………50

Max Interval Circuit…well, that was fun. If you thought the first half was hard, you better put on your big girl/boy underwear for this half. This workout is an hour long and it feels like 2 hrs. I had to take a couple of extra long breaks today. After having that rest week and the Fit Test right before this workout…my body was NOT ready for this. At one point I took a break to go put cold water on my face (I could feel heat radiating from my face and making my chest hot) and wouldn’t you know…my glutes started to cramp. That was interesting. I can honestly say I have never experienced that…EVER!

Based on what I felt today…GOOD LUCK…cause you’re gonna need it (at least I will :P)

DAY 32 (8-21-12)

I could barely even move today and I’m pretty sure an 85 yr old grandmother could have picked up toys off the floor easier than me. Needless to say, I did not do the workout today. I had a legit excuse though…I couldn’t MOVE. :/

Just so you know what you may experience with the first day after the first day of round 2 (did you follow that?)…my glutes HATE me! The back part of my shoulders HATE me! My lower back muscles HATE me. Do you see why bending over and picking up stuff was a nightmare today? I even took Ibuprofin, but think my muscles just laughed at it and said “Seriously? Is that all you got?” I got NO relief. Hoping for a better, more muscle friendly day tomorrow so I can finish another grueling workout. Ha!

Day 33 (8-22-12)

Today I’m out of town at my mom’s, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing my workout before and it didn’t stop me today! It is easier to workout at home, but I managed. Again though, her house seems so much hotter than mine. I had everything set up in her bedroom to keep the noise down while little man napped (sound is multiplied by 10x every where else in her house…or so it seems :P)

I’m convinced these fans are NOT working! I see them spinning, but they are not helping me even in the slightest way.

I was still extremely sore from Monday, but the hubby told me if I just start to workout, my muscles will warm up and I won’t notice the soreness as much. He was right…but, after I stopped working out and I cooled back down, the soreness reared it’s ugly little head again. It really is mainly just my glutes at this point. I seriously had NO idea how often I use those muscles. I’m hoping this is a very good indication that they are getting firmer and SMALLER! 😉

The best part about these workouts, so far, is that they are very different from the first set of month one. Right now, it seems as if the first month was really just prep work for round 2…more of a cardio strengthening series to make your heart stronger and muscles more flexible. And now that that is set, it’s time for the REAL workout. Maybe this is why so many people don’t see weight loss until this second half. We’ll see if my deductions are right the more I get into this part of the program. So far though, I’m getting excited about the firmer muscles! My lower thighs are super tight, my arms are starting to get toned and my upper abs are nearly rock hard (if only the bottom ones would kick in :P).

Excuse the funky ribs…they always show no matter what I do.

I’ll be visiting with family in TX for the rest of this week, but I did make sure I had my videos with me. It should be interesting doing these workouts with so many people in the house. 😛 Maybe I can rally together a cheering squad to keep me pepped up! Haha!

Day 34 (8-23-12)

Between a super long dentist appointment first thing this morning, being in the car for nearly 6 hours as we headed to TX, visiting with family and making Oreo balls for firemen, I did not manage to find time to do my Insanity workout. Since it was recovery day, maybe I can do both workouts tomorrow?! We’ll see how everything plays out!

Day 35 (8-24-12)

This morning I decided to go back and do yesterday’s workout that I wasn’t able to do. I had planned on doing the recovery workout this morning and then the scheduled workout this afternoon. Sadly, those dang plyometrics from the recovery got to me and I slightly strained my right hamstring. 😦 I am really not a fan of that type of workout…especially now. 😛

So, I will not be doing today’s workout for fear of further injuring myself. If you remember from my first attempt at Insanity, I injured myself around day 2, but continued to workout and made the injury even worse. I ended up having to sit out 3 weeks. I do NOT want to have a repeat of that…so I’m sitting out to allow it some time to heal. Needless to say, I’m frustrated again. :/

Day 36 (8-25-12)

Today was my nephew’s birthday party, so we all got up early to get ready and head out to the fire station! Sooo many kids and SOOOO much energy this afternoon, that we were all completely exhausted by the time we left. Little man and my niece were conked out in the backseat not even 5 minutes after we left.

Sadly, during the party, my kiddo had a fit on the floor and when I bent over to pick him up, I yanked on that injured hamstring. 😦 I just about cried. I was literally limping for the rest of the party and my frustration just tripled. I’m hoping come Monday it will feel better and maybe I can start back up again…just being a little more cautious.


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