Manic Monday: Insanity #7

Day 25 (8-13-12)

Today was Day 1 of the “rest” week…Core Cardio and Balance, but I didn’t do it. This past weekend was just way too stressful and after a very late night trip to the ER for little man last night (hit his head on the coffee table and got a nice gash…thankfully, no stitches), I needed a day to recover.

The damage 😦

This workout is the same one that is set for every day of this week, so I don’t feel like I missed something terribly important.

Day 26 (8-14-12)

Honestly, sitting out for a few days was GREAT! The reason why wasn’t so great, but it just goes to show you, I still do NOT like working out. Haha! I did manage to do today’s workout though! It wasn’t too bad. It’s around 40 min long and there are a lot of exercises that make your muscles fatigued, but you won’t get as worn out this week…what a relief! (Hubby tells me week 6 is a not a walk in the park though, so enjoy this “rest” week while you can.)

For the first time in ages I actually got slight foot cramps towards the beginning of the exercises today. I used to get cramps ALL the times when I was a kid and VERY bad ones at that. These were different though. It may have been due to the quick sideways movements I had to do for some steps, but this time is was the sides of my feet that cramped up (opposite my arches) and I’ve never had that happen. I paused the DVD, rubbed it out, put my shoes back on and got back to it. Didn’t have a problem with it again after that.

Also, towards the end, mainly once the end stretching started, I began to get light headed. Not sure if that’s because I sat out so many days and my body was just readjusting or what, but I sat down for a couple of minutes just to be safe (since I didn’t want to pass out on the floor :P). I don’t think this week is going to be so bad…especially after I get my body reacquainted with the torture I’ve been putting it through for a month. Ha!

Plus, we just had one major stressor lifted off our shoulders, so hopefully my workouts and my attitude will be better for this next round of Insanity blogging! (I think I heard some “YAY”s out there.) 😛

Day 27 (8-15-12)

Today it was extra hot in my house and I’m not sure why. We’ve actually had cooler temps this week, but it was burning up in the living room today. I even turned the main light off and did my workout with just the dome lights on.

It went a little better today! Only 1 foot slightly cramped up, but not enough to stop the workout. The way he lays out these exercises is really a LOT easier on the system than the previous workouts. It’s still a challenge, but hopefully you won’t find yourself dying to lay face down on the floor to catch your breath (like I usually did with the earlier workouts :P).

Ok…I tried to do a search for a funny image of someone on the floor after a workout…you know, to add a little comic relief…and THIS is what I got…

This is a JOKE, RIGHT? Pretty sure none of these people did a workout at all. I don’t even look that nice and pretty BEFORE a workout. 😛 Ok…maybe, the basketball player at the bottom right did SOME sort of exercise, but I’m kinda doubting it.

Anyways, I’m afraid the rest of this week might sound like a broken record, since it is the same workout every day, but I’m hoping each day I’m able to tell you it gets easier and easier. Nothing encourages like knowing something gets EASIER!!!…especially a workout!

Day 28 (8-16-12)

This Core Cardio and Balance workout was even easier today! Too bad you don’t just do this workout the whole program…I’d be able to do it in my sleep after a few more days! 😛 Guess that’s why you only do it for a week. :/

Downfall today was that I didn’t drink enough water before my workout. Result? I now have a killer headache. Did you know dehydration can lead to headaches? I did, and I still didn’t drink what I should have. :/

Be sure to drink PLENTY of water, before and after your workouts.

Here’s a little tidbit for you…

Coming from a Dr. who deals with breast cancer…Drinking water from plastic bottles that have been left in your car or out in the heat appears to be leading to breast cancer. The heat causes the chemicals in the plastic to be released into the water. After personally examining a handful of patients (none of which had breast cancer in the family), the common thread between them was they all drank a large amount of plastic bottled water. 

Not convinced? There are plenty of studies that back it up and still yet, many people who say it’s just not true. Why take the risk? My mom uses glass water bottles! We use a purifier at the house. In the long run it’s probably cheaper than continually buying plastic water bottles anyways. 

Day 29 (8-17-12)

Things are seeming a little ridiculous at our house. Once again I did not do my workout today. When I got little man up this morning, I discovered that he had thrown up in the bed (while this was saddening, it was not surprising…he usually sits quietly in his bed until we come get him…if it wasn’t for a video monitor, we’d think he slept all day :P). He threw up again very shortly after I got him up. I knew he hadn’t been exposed to anything, so I didn’t think it was a virus. He’s been putting his fingers in his mouth a lot lately (pretty sure he has some new teeth coming in in the back), so I’m almost positive he just got a bad germ in his mouth. Unfortunately, to be safe, I couldn’t let him eat anything for a few hours…which meant I couldn’t eat in front of him. How mean would that be? Since I usually workout at nap time, and I hadn’t had any food up till nap time, there was no way I would survive the workout.

Isn’t this pitiful? I had to distract him from not being able to eat by watching Cars. It worked for a while.

I’ve gotta get things back on track, b/c I know this next half of the workout is intense! Not really looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to the results!

Day 30 (8-18-12)

Today was the last official day of my “Recovery Week”. Since I missed Monday and yesterday, I’m tempted to do the workout again tomorrow. It’s supposed to be my rest day, but considering I already sat out 2 days this week, it shouldn’t hurt me. I’m just REALLY nervous about what the next few weeks have in store. I’ve watched the hubby do a couple of the workouts from the 2nd half and I will tell you now, it does NOT look easy.

If you haven’t been eating correctly so far, NOW is the time to make sure you do, b/c I’m pretty sure you’ll be worthless if you don’t. You’re going to need all the energy and nutrients you can get!

Say a prayer for me! I have a feeling I’m going to needs lots! Haha! 

I have a friend that is doing this workout and she is struggling with the fact that she is not losing any weight yet. She’s not far into the program yet, but she’s used to doing a good, hard workout and losing weight pretty quickly. It wasn’t until the end of this week that I started to see the numbers go down on the scale. And if you remember, I actually gained weight during the first part of the program…and so did the hubby. In all honesty though, you couldn’t notice the weight gain! If you read posts online from other Insanity users, SOOO many of them will tell you to NOT look at the scales. You need to go by your measurements!

When I started the program (the 2nd time), I weighed in at 120 lbs. I gained 2 more lbs. during the first few weeks (and I was eating healthier). I now weigh 119 lbs and I actually just started seeing the numbers drop THIS week…week 5. I’ve noticed my arms have firmed up, my thighs are much firmer and are toned in some areas, my calves are larger (praying I don’t have my grandmother’s thighs…she once got her jeans STUCK above her muscular calves b/c they were so big :P), and my abs are beginning to become more defined! Whether the lbs are coming off or not (according to my BMI, I only needed to lose around 7 lbs), my body is in MUCH better shape than it was before! That’s what I was trying to tell my friend. Stick with it! Whether this is a program that will help you drop the pounds or not, it WILL get you into much better shape and QUICKLY! If she can survive this, it will only help her with any other exercise routine she chooses to do! But I have a feeling she’ll lose weight if she sticks to it and eats healthy!


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