Favorite Things Mini Sessions

It’s about time for me to do another mini session date in Monroe!!! I had been tossing around some ideas of what I wanted to do this time and decided on a “Favorite Things” session!

Does your child have a favorite thing at this point in their life and you want to remember it? My son absolutely LOVES his paci and blankie (more specifically, the tags!)…not so much my hubby. 😛 I know he’s going to outgrow this stage soon, but it’s been a huge part of his life up until now and I don’t want to forget it! He wants his paci and blankie when he’s sleepy, when he’s gotten a bobo, when he’s bored, when he wants to snuggle, when he has to ride in the car a long time, when his little feelings get hurt, etc. I think part of me allows him to still have them b/c it keeps his little. You momma’s probably understand. 😉

So what is your child’s favorite thing right now? Does he/she have a favorite toy, shirt or jersey, food, blankie, pillow, or something else? Let me help you capture this special memory before it passes! The best part is, since it’s their favorite, they should feel extra comfortable at the session!


If all 7 of my time slots get booked, one person will get 50% off their session!…just $25 for special memories!

Here’s how you can contact me to book your session!

Comment on this blog post.

Email me at bettsdesign@yahoo.com

Message me on my Facebook page HERE.


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