Manic Monday: Insanity #6

Day 19 (8-6-12)

I didn’t feel all that bad coming into today’s workout. However, I am now sitting on the couch, blogging after just the first part of my workout today…Pure Cardio. I still have Cardio Abs to go and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. My body is just focussing on doing something else today, so that first workout just wore me out.

Here’s where it gets worse…Cardio Abs has a warmup session at the start of it too. Oh boy!!! :/ You know…I’ve noticed myself kind of complaining here a bit lately…maybe not so blatantly, but I see I’ve been doing it. I said from the beginning that I wanted to keep this as real as possible. I never liked reading people’s success stories where they only talked about how determined they were, they found the motivation and had amazing results when done. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want that too and I know I’ve even said some of those things myself, but where’s the REAL stuff? Was every day a breeze for them? Did they never miss a day? Have aches or pains? Doubts they were making any progress? Cheat on their “diet”? I admit, I’m a realist. I wanna hear the REAL story. Not just the positive side of it all. I think people can relate better when they see that others have similar struggles and ups/downs. It’s what makes us human after all, isn’t it?

All that to say, I know I’ve been complaining (in my own way), but I’m being real with you. I don’t like working out. I don’t find it rewarding (I may change my mind after I see my “after” pics). And I REALLY hate having to change my eating habits. Oh…and I really don’t like being hot and sweaty. I like taking it easy. I like working hard on creative projects and find it very rewarding when I complete one. I LOVE sweets…especially things I bake from scratch (and that use real butter!). I like staying cool in my air conditioned house.

I guess I’m just trying to make a positive change in my life and we all know that in order for change to occur, we have to do something different. We can’t continue down the same path, doing the same thing and expect different results. And with most change, comes challenges. How we handle those challenges will ultimately determine how much of a change is made. So, while I may bicker about working out, I’m still working out, because that’s the only way I can improve!

Hopefully you can relate! Now…onto Cardio Abs!!!

Day 20 (8-7-12)

EXHAUSTED! I’m pretty sure my body was telling me “DON’T DO IT!!!”, but my head said “DO IT!”. I should have listened to my body. I felt absolutely horrible this morning. I took meds a short time before the workout though (Cardio Power & Resistance today). I’m not sure if it’s the exercising or the extra strength rapid release Tylenol I took, but the pain was gone during the workout. However, my body is completely drained now and I feel completely worthless. I just kept thinking “I do NOT want to have to make up a day or make this program last any longer than it has to.” Bad idea. Oh well, it’s done now. Think I’ll take a snooze on the couch and hopefully recoup a little.

FYI…this is the workout that has a good bit of jumping and push-ups in it. You’d think I’d remember this before I start the workouts, since I’ve been doing this program for over 3 weeks now. Probably would have helped me in my decision making on “to do” or “not to do” today. 😛

Listen to your body!…but make sure it’s your body talking and not you just looking for an excuse to sit it out!

Day 21 (8-8-12)

Today was Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It’s one of the rougher ones for me b/c of all the exercises involving the push-up stance, but I’m still seeing an improvement in my upper body strength. I was instructed to sit today out (by my mother…aka…family nurse), b/c I was having slight dizzy spells earlier while in a sitting position. I had these spells earlier on during this workout program, but they never got any worse and lasted only for a short while. If I was still having them when it was time to start today, I would have sat out, but they had stopped. Sorry, Mom. :/

I didn’t have any pain today like I had the past 2 days and I hadn’t taken any pain meds either. Those experts are starting to change my mind about this workout thing. 😛 Apart from that, nothing major to blog about today. My body is still tired from focussing on another function, but the pain I usually have associated with it was gone…which is not a normal thing for me…this soon.

Ladies, try to continue to do your workouts during that time of the month…even if you just experiment for 1 month. See if you notice any changes. Don’t let it be an excuse for you to sit out.

Day 22 (8-9-12)

If today wasn’t Cardio Recovery I probably would have sat out. I’m just off today and I’m not sure why. I don’t have any pain at all, but I just feel funny. The fact that I didn’t have to get my heart rate up is the only thing that made me feel like I could do today’s workout. It wasn’t bad at all. Hopefully I’ll see my energy pick back up with these last couple of days of week 4…b/c today, this is what I really felt like doing with my yoga mat…

Day 23 (8-10-12)

I just quit my workout with 15 min left to go…plus I still had Cardio Abs to do too. This has just been a rough week for me. You could probably tell just by how short all my posts have been. I’m just not all here this week. Yesterday was a stressful day for me…mainly b/c I was informed I once again made a financial mistake due to incorrect bank info stored online. Joy.

So, I cried my tears, tried to start back with the workout and just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t even b/c of this particular workout…I wasn’t tired, barely even sweat…just wasn’t gonna happen. I’m done for today. Going to take a much needed nap and hopefully I’ll feel better when I wake up. :/

Day 24 (8-11-12)

I think the stress finally got to me. I ended up completely sitting out today’s workout. There was just absolutely no way it was going to happen…too many stress symptoms. This is one of those times where I know my body is screaming at me to just STOP and take a break. I ignored it a few times before, but there was no ignoring it today. Next week is the rest/recovery week. It’s not as intense as the workouts have been, up to this point, but it will still keep your system in check and used to a regular routine. The hubby is already in the 2nd half of this workout and it looks to be so much more intense. I’m honestly not looking forward to week 6, but I’ll stick it out…luckily I have week 5 to do first! 😉


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