Fun Friday: Back to “School”

Kids are now starting back to school…I always dreaded it, but I’m sure my mom secretly looked forward to it. I understand it now! Not that I don’t want my little man in the house with me. I LOVE spending time with him, but a break every now and then would be nice. He’s literally with me 24 hours a day.

I’m always looking for little activities to do with him that will keep in learning mode. He’s a smart fella and loves to learn, so I like to keep educational things at his disposal and within his reach. So when I came across some fun (and cheap) educational tools at the Dollar Tree, I couldn’t pass them up. Little man has a pretty large playroom (we turned a sunroom into his playroom at our new house), so I was able to dedicate a whole side of it to his “learning area”!

I got these teacher charts that feature the alphabet and numbers 1-10. They came in a pack together so they were just $.50 each! The numbers border came with 14 strips for $1 (I only needed 3 for the windows) and I cut up a cars/trucks border to place on either side to fill up the window.

He has a box full of books…that even overflowed to the top of the box! He also has a big 3 shelf bookshelf in his bedroom…full of mainly Usborne books (we highly recommend them!). Of course, we couldn’t forget his reading pillow! I have a CD player placed behind it and he already knows how to use it and find his favorite songs. 😉

In the blue bucket (also from Dollar Tree), I put learning flash cards for the alphabet, numbers, animals and sight words…each $1. I also got him a 3 pack of cards that has 2 Bible oriented card games and a heroes of the Bible deck! The foam blocks are great for counting and sorting!

On another wall, I put 2 more posters…one for animals and the other for insects. Since his playroom is the old sunroom and looks out into the backyard, he sees insects all the time out his giant windows. Now he can see them up close on his posters and learn a little more about them!

He absolutely loves his little learning area and I can hear him saying his bugs, animals, alphabet and numbers even when he plays in there by himself! Some days he doesn’t even pull his toys out to play, but has books scattered everywhere and will even “read” out loud!

I caught him like this the other day…going over his letters and pictures associated with each one!

Total cost of charts, borders, card, blocks, bucket? $12…2 sets of poster, 2 borders, 4 decks of cards, 1 3-pack of cards, 2 bags of blocks, 1 bucket. (I also got a vowels/sight words chart combo and a chores/rewards chart combo for later down the road.)

While he’s still a couple of years away from going to school, I like to keep him surrounded with learning materials…and it’s easy to when you can find good deals like these!


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