Healthier Hump Day: Something for the whole family!

If your family is anything like mine, we tend to all like the same foods, but don’t like to put our meals together the same way. When I make tacos, the hubby wants his in tortillas, I like mine with either a crunchy shell or chips and with rice, and little man just wants his meat over rice with LOTS of cheese. I don’t mind it too much…doesn’t make cooking the meal that complicated and everyone is happy!

Well, this recipe works the same way in our house. This meal usually lasts us 2-3 meals b/c of how we split it all up!



1 lb. ground turkey

2 (8 oz) cans no salt added tomato sauce

1 (15 oz) can kidney beans

1 packet chili seasoning mix

98% fat free hot dogs (turkey meat)

Shredded cheese (2%)

Whole wheat bread

This meal is one of our VERY quick meals we do when we’re too tired to cook something else. It may not be the most nutritious, but we have found a way to make it healthier and fit in line with our Insanity program.

It is way too easy to make! Just follow the instructions on the chili packet! (Excuse the opened pack…the hubby started cooking before I got my pic taken :P)

Hubby: Hot dog on slice of bread with chili and cheese

Little man: Sliced hot dog on a plate and side portion of chili covered in cheese

Me: Big bowl of chili with cheese and Fritos! (Yes, even with the chips thrown in I am still within my allotted 300 calories…I don’t use a ton)

Here’s the caloric break down for the regular way of making this recipe and my version. Again, that turkey meat is key! It will really help reduce your calories, fat and sodium intake!

And if you’re like me and will only eat the chili, take the total for prepared chili and divide by 8 to get your chili calorie count = 161 calories/serving…then add your cheese and chips calories.

FREEBIE! Ok…so I know this doesn’t fall into a healthy category, but I was able to make a healthier version of this recipe. Nowhere in this program does it allot for desserts of any kind, but this chick has to have desserts.

Here is my version of a “Healthier” Funfetti Cake Dip


1/2 box Funfetti cake mix (full recipe = 1 box)

1 (5.3 oz) Plain Greek yogurt, fat free* (full recipe = 2C)

8 Tbsp Fat free Cool Whip (full recipe = 1C)

Reduced fat Nilla Wafers for dipping (or reduced fat animal crackers)

This yields half a recipe (which is 12 servings). These 12 servings will be small to keep the calories down. If you plan on serving this at a party, you will need to make a full recipe.


Combine all ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Cover and chill for 4 hrs before serving.

*The full recipe calls for 2C of yogurt. I only used one container of 5.3 oz. Greek yogurt for the half recipe to keep from having to use just a part of another container to get 8 oz. It tasted just fine, but was a little thick. It’s up to you to use the full 8 oz the half recipe calls for or all 16 oz the full recipe calls for.

The half recipe came to 940 calories = 78 cal/serving (12 servings)

If you do the full recipe with 2 full C of yogurt it will come to 1,960 calories = 82 cal/serving (24 servings)

Don’t forget to count your calories for whatever kind of cookie you use!

Hope you enjoy!


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