Manic Monday: Insanity #3

Day 3 (07-18-12)

Today kicked my butt, but I have to admit, I wasn’t well prepared. Today may have beat out yesterday for most stressful day in a while. This didn’t help me with my eating plan too well. A lot of people eat when they’re stressed, but I’m the opposite. I managed to eat breakfast and lunch, but not much of it. I didn’t get in my mid-morning snack and I failed to drink a lot of water (HIGHLY recommended when doing Insanity). Funny how eating more will help you workout better (as long as it’s the right foods).

I still stuck it out and managed to finish…just with less energy this time and more out of breath. The fun thing, though, is that when you finish a workout like this, you look “cut” for a short while afterwards! Just a little bit in my case, but still…whatever helps to encourage, right?

Tiny abs starting to show again! Notice the photo is carefully cropped to omit the baby belly…not quite there yet 😉


DAY 4 (7-19-12)

Today was Cardio Recovery. Sounds like a break, right? If you consider burning thighs a break, then yes, it’s a break. 😛 Today was definitely a test of how long could my thighs hold me up for each exercise. The one pictured below seemed to be the hardest. Why?…

“Death to Thighs” exercise 😛

1. You start in this position, raise up to straighten your legs, only to go back down into this position…16 TIMES!

2. You stay in this position to barely raise up, only to go back down into this position (looks like a slight bounce…but it’s not a bounce).

3. You stay in this position and HOLD IT…and there are no breaks (or standing up straight) from 1-3.

4. Then you switch sides and do the other leg!!!

Yeah…cardio may not have been a factor today, but honestly…I think I’d rather have cardio over extreme muscle burn in my quads and hamstrings. But that’s just me. Haha!

DAY 5 (7-20-12)

“That s*#@ is BA-NANAS y’all”

Sean (instructor) pretty much summed it up right there…as he lay on the floor after the last exercise of today’s workout.  With 10 min left in the video he went over to one of the girls as she was doing Mountain Climbers and asked “How you feelin’?”. She exhaustedly responded “I wanna leave!” He immediately told her to take a break. He then tells them “I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m trying to make you feel better.” If you need to take a break, TAKE IT. I find it’s more important to cut one exercise short in order to take a break and be able to do the next exercise, than to stick it out for one whole exercise only to be too exhausted to even do the next one.

Today was PURE CARDIO and boy was it! Here’s the breakdown…

Minutes 38-34 – 7 warm-up exercises (I know a lot of people who would consider these warm-up exercises to be a complete workout if done longer. That is why this video is insane. What some consider a workout, Sean considers a warm-up.)

Minutes 34-31 – repeat those 7 warm-up exercises, but faster

Minutes 31-27 – repeat the 7 even faster

15 second water break

Minutes 27-21 – stretching…still a slight workout, but definitely gives your heart some time to slow down a little

30 second water break

Minutes 21-5 -round of 15 different exercises (some exercises consisting of more than one move)

1 minute water break

Minutes 4-finish – cool down stretching

FYI…I still prefer this workout over the Cardio Recovery that I did yesterday…even though my glutes were pretty sore this morning. 😉 I also felt the burn in my quads during some of the exercises today, but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t do them…just maybe couldn’t do them as long.

“DIG DEEPER” and stick with it!

DAY 6 (7-21-12)

Today was a repeat of day 2’s workout. I was able to last longer than I did on day 2, but I got tired a bit faster at the same time (maybe it was b/c I felt I could go longer…and did). I think part of my problem was I was in a room MUCH hotter than what I usually workout it (my mom’s living room with huge windows that let lots of sunlight (heat) into the room). We’re back in town today for personal matters and while the hubby was out handling stuff, me and the kiddo went to my mom’s house so he could take a nap. If this tells you anything about how committed I am to completing this time, I brought my workout clothes and the DVD workout. Yep…normal Lisa would have never even THOUGHT of doing that, but “Insane” Lisa did. 😛 My mom was in the room while I did it and she even told me “I know how much you hate working out…I’m impressed with how well you stuck with it!”

Extra red face after today’s workout…compliments of my mom’s toasty living room. 😛 **Smiling thru the pain and exhaustion…haha**

It is getting easier…on the body. I’m not as sore as I was the first few days, my heart rate has slowed a little during the exercises (which is good, b/c mine was high, but not so high it was dangerous), and I’m not as tired after the workouts. Mentally, I still hate working out though. :/

Note: If you are working out on a hard surface, like I am, be careful when going to your knees to take a break (mainly from the push-up position). I have bruised both of my knees this week by dropping, instead of lowering myself down into the child’s pose to rest. Whoops.

I’ve never had a bruise quite like this one. It actually seemed like more of a blood blister b/c it was raised. Pic on left is later the same day it happen and right pic is the next morning…the 3rd day it was lighter but covering almost my entire knee cap. The bruise on the right knee wasn’t as bad.

The pic below is my encouragement. He loves to “workout” with daddy and even requests us to put the “dance” video on so he can do it by himself. Kids soak up everything and I want to make sure he’s soaking up the right things. Seeing his momma and daddy eat better and exercise only sets a better example for him! A kid’s health/nutrition is determined by his/her parents…what kind of example are you setting for your children?

Doing the stretches after his workout! Very important…even for toddlers 😉


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