Manic Monday: Insanity Week 1

I didn’t want to over do the blogging by posting every day about my Insanity challenge. Instead, I’ll write every day after my workouts and just post them all at one time on Monday! Since you already know how my first day went (since I blogged it here), this post will start with Tuesday…


Today was hard, but I survived!

I kind of knew what to expect b/c the hubby likes to watch the next day’s workout the night before, so he knows how to mentally prepare and can try to get the steps down before he gets to the actual workout. Honestly, I was still surprised at how long I was able to last. Now keep in mind, I don’t go as fast as the people go in the video (they are beyond fit and have all done Insanity before), but I do go as fast as I can…so I’m not slacking or taking it easy. I did take a lot of breaks today though, but if I hadn’t I would have quit very early into the workout. Plus, the first break wasn’t until about 10 min in and my little out of shape heart just can’t take it that long. I need to get a heart rate monitor…he tells you often to check your rate. Know your proper rate for exercise before you start. You can still check it without the monitor, but trying to count it when you’re exhausted is a challenge. They do about 3 reps of a series of about 6 exercises. I made it thru the first set of reps just fine, 2nd was tough and I started to take breaks, 3rd was a struggle. He made you go faster with each set of reps. Further in (about 32 min in and 8 min to go), he started the exercises that start in a push-up position (some being actual push-ups) and this chick gave slap out. I have practically no upper body strength.

I called it quits for the rest of the video. BUT, he then changed the moves and I pulled my butt off the coffee table and jumped back into it…meaning I only sat out for 3 min of the video.

Rundown for Day 2? It was really hard and I have muscles that have never hurt with previous workouts, hurting me now…and sooner than they did yesterday. I always scare myself with how hard I expect the workouts to be, and it wasn’t as bad as I had prepared for. That doesn’t mean it was easy…I was prepared to want to die 10 min into it. πŸ˜› Not only did I not die, but I made it through to the end (only sitting out that 3 min I mentioned before)!

This is right after I finished…my face hasn’t been that red since I played tennis in HS. πŸ˜‰


This morning, MY CALVES HATE ME. So much so, that I can barely walk…not an exaggeration. I’m having to hold on to things to take steps so I don’t hit the floor. Not giving up though! I took Ibuprofen and have eaten my first meal of the day already…this will not beat me.

I ended up having to stretch my calf for about 40 min (while I watched today’s video since we didn’t last night), before I felt comfortable enough to actually start the workout. Of course the first exercise on the video (part of the warmup) was jogging in place…bad, repetitious impact for my calf. But, the more I stuck with it, the less my calf hurt and about 5 min in, it didn’t hurt at all. The first half of today’s workout was brutal for me, but in the 2nd half he started with moves we hadn’t done yet and it focussed on different areas, so I was able to get my momentum back. I’m still struggling with push-up exercises (not a shocker), but I do at least attempt them. I figure if I don’t, how will I ever be able to do them? I found myself saying “OK” a LOT today. Kind of my unintentional way of saying “ok…I can do this…ok, go!” I mainly did this when I took a break and needed to get back into it.

If you decide to do Insanity, I encourage you to film yourself every now and then. It will help you see your form and improve your workout (I just use my iPhone). Plus, for some reason, when the camera is on, I feel more of a need to do my best. πŸ˜›

Took a nap after today’s workout…these past 3 days have taken a toll. I woke up and was unable to walk on my left leg. I’m not sure if it is just extremely sore or if I have injured it. I’m not able to straighten it all the way out and can put absolutely no weight on it without it being extremely painful. I’ll access tomorrow and determine if I need to sit out a day b/c of an injury or if I just need to work through soreness.


Looks like I’ve injured my left calf. I’m not exactly sure how, b/c I made it through the workout yesterday just fine and had no pain when I was finished. I never heard anything pop and never had an “OW!” moment. I’m still unable to put any weight on it and cannot straighten my leg out all the way. From looking online (I know, I know), it seems as though I have a Grade 2 calf strain…which apparently requires a min of 5-6 weeks recovery.

Honestly, I’m very pissed. I never commit to a workout like I was with this one and I get injured. I stretched properly before starting each workout and did the proper stretching they did on the DVD. I’m still NOT quitting though. I may have to take a break, but I’m not quitting. I’m working on getting in to see a Dr. tomorrow, just to make sure it’s not worse than what I think. If I do have to sit out a few weeks, I’ll most likely just start back over completely with the program. What’s funny is I used to put more strain on my calves playing tennis than I did with this workout and I never got hurt playing tennis. Oh well. I’ve had my mini pity party for myself. Now I just need to focus on getting my leg heeled so I can start back up again.


I tried getting in to see a Dr., but b/c we are new in the area and I would be a “new” patient, the earliest I could get in was the end of July. :/ It’s a good thing I’m not actually sick…geez! So, no Dr. for me. Luckily, after icing it a lot last night, I woke up in a LOT less pain this morning. I’m now able to put a little weight on my foot, but still can’t flatten it all the way on the floor. I had to get out to renew my license today…boy was that a sight to see. A handicap tag would come in handy now πŸ˜›

With the progress I’ve made since I injured my calf, I think I may be able to start back up with Insanity after next weekend! At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Stay posted! Like I said before…I’m not giving up. I started this with intent to finish! Despite the setback, the good news is that tomorrow is my birthday and now I don’t have to exercise on it! Happy Birthday to me! Haha! (Insanity hasn’t made me insane enough to enjoy working out…just yet. :P)

*Watching the hubby do the workout tonight…he kicks my butt at push-ups (no surprise there). Just a heads up…Day 5’s workout appears to be the hardest yet. Sean (instructor) even just hit the floor and said “This s*#% is bananas!!!”


Today is my birthday! What’s so great about today, so far, is that it’s the first day I’ve been able to put my foot flat on the floor since I injured it!!!

Flatfooted…yay!!! See the bruise? I had jumped my shin into the stool I was using to get around the house a couple of days earlier. That was not a good day.

I’m able to walk a little more normally today, so I’m feeling pretty hopeful about being able to start back this next Monday!

Like I said before. I’ll be starting back over with the program as I feel like I’ve sat out too many days to jump back in where I left off. Since I won’t have anything personal to blog about Insanity next Monday, I may post the hubby’s 2 week progress/pics! That is, if he’ll let me πŸ˜‰

-Lisa πŸ™‚


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