Dog Gone Days of Summer

Yes, I have a problem…I’m a horrible blog slacker. Looks like the last one I posted was back in Dec. :/ Life has been crazy…I quit my job, we put our house on the market, and I now have a toddler on my hands 24/7 (which I LOVE). Despite the fact I am no longer working an 8-5 job (technically 8:30-5:00…I couldn’t be on time to save my life), I have definitely found ways to keep myself busy…or maybe that would be better stated that things have found a way of keeping me busy.

Shortly after I quit my job and was home all day, I let my dogs out in the backyard…only for them to ALL escape. Long story short, we got 3 of the 4 back in the same day, but the last one, Cody, my Corgi, decided he needed a longer adventure and stayed missing for 8 days. (Side note: Shame on me for not having their ID tags on…would have saved me from heartache and 2 of them from being attacked by another dog.) Cody’s rescuer wouldn’t accept a reward for his return, saying “someone once rescued my dog, so I’m just paying it forward”. I thought, well that’s nice! I should do the same. The very next week I created the Lost and Found Dogs of Ouachita Parish page on Facebook to help those who had lost or found a dog in our area get them back home! Little did I know how quickly word would spread about my little Facebook page. And little did I know how many people had a lost or found dog. My “pay it forward” quickly became a very busy part-time job. I love it though…or else I wouldn’t do it.

Since the start of the L&F page (in April of this year) I have had a write-up in the paper, created business cards for our page, been on the news and have held a fundraiser…all for the love of the dogs. See where the busy-ness comes from now? I know you’re probably thinking What does this have to do with ‘Living Life Artfully’? Well, we’re always faced with struggles from day to day. Some are as small as deciding what’s for dinner (which is usually a big struggle in our house) or as large as figuring out where to live when you move. My issue once I became a SAHM was feeling like I still had purpose apart from being my son’s mom and my husband’s wife. I was no longer contributing to the family financially and just still had the same home/family responsibilities as I did before I quit my job. I needed a creative outlet!…something to put my focus on. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love my son and my husband and we have lots of quality time together and have lots of fun (I’ll blog about family activities soon!), but I needed something for me…apart from them. I’ve always loved dogs and loved being behind the scenes. So the FB page for the dogs was the perfect creative outlet for me. The point is…when you are faced with a struggle, find a creative solution. Most of us have always been told to think outside the box when trying to solve a problem. I have a few “creative” friends who have joked with me that everybody thinks outside the box these days…it’s time start thinking inside the box again! Sometimes those creative solutions are right in front of your nose…you don’t always have to look outside the box you’re in.

Side Note: To date, the L&F page has 95 success stories in just over 4 months (dogs returned to their owners or adopted) and 1,049 friends that like our page! 🙂

*These are just some of our success story images!*




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