gift wrapping idea

It never fails…I ALWAYS end up buying a gift for someone that is practically IMPOSSIBLE to wrap. I can’t find a box for it or the box it’s in is some sort of ridiculous half molded plastic and half box combo. Growing up my parents would buy those “giant” gift bags to conceal the large gift items they didn’t feel like wrapping for us, or just simply couldn’t because of the genius package designer. Well, back in the day, things seemed to have been made a lot better, b/c those giant gift bags are now so transparent that you may as well just leave the gifts unwrapped than waste your money on those super thin things. You can imagine my excitement when I came across these awesome “big toy” gift bags made out of felt!…yes, small things like this excite me. And they have a drawstring at the top.


Here’s so you can see how big they are compared to my sofa.

christmas bags 2My giant Kalencom diaper bag…

kalencom bagin the bag!

My only disclaimer to these bags is that they aren’t as large as the “giant” gift bags, but they will hold a moderately large gift…like my giant diaper bag…or a new handbag! The best part? Totally reusable, year after year! Oh wait…that’s not the best part. They’re only $2.99 at Michael’s! THAT’S the best part! And they still have plenty…I was there today. So save yourself the stress of trying to wrap those near-impossible-to-wrap boxes, but still “wrap” them so your kids can have the excitement of opening another gift instead of it just sitting out in your living room Christmas morning!


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