creative parenting tip

Ok…so it may not be too creative, but it has been working. My 9 month old has reached the stage where he will shut his mouth tight and shake his head ‘no’ when he doesn’t want to eat the food I’m trying to put in his mouth. As someone who grew up as a picky eater…and continues to be one to this day…I swore that my son would not be one. So the shaking of the head and refusal of food is just not acceptable. So what is my oh-so-clever solution? Easy…I hold his hands down to keep him from swatting my hand and flinging food across the room and MAKE him eat it anyways. And you know what? HE DOES! I’ve seen too many parents let their kids win. Well not this momma. Why? Cause I’M the momma…not him. Voila…happy momma and belly-filled baby! 2 happy campers.

He doesn’t think he’s trouble, but then he looks at me like this…what do you think?

But seriously…he really is an angel baby! See…


Now…if he were a girl, I’d have to get him a special Bella Donna as a prize…but since he’s not, I guess I’ll just have to get one for myself! 🙂 You can get one too…

Bella Donna by Katie is hosting a trunk show this saturday, Dec 4th!!! visit for details (giveaway details too)!!


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