want an artistic gift idea?

I like to think I’m creative. I mean, I have a few tupperware boxes full of art/craft supplies, a sewing machine, paints and paintbrushes, 2 Macs and Adobe Creative Suite and a bookshelf full of art and graphic design books. That should count for something, right? I started down my artistic life path when I was just 6. Pretty sure my art teacher got sick of me painting puppies every week, but I eventually evolved into bigger and better things. 🙂 I always feel the need to be neck deep in some sort of project…which thrills my husband. Well, a few months back I felt the need to plan and organize a holiday market…like I didn’t already have enough on my plate. I love how doing things like event planning can introduce you to new and creative people! I now have a lot of new friends that I know will be my go to people for that perfect gift that no one else will have…well…maybe not for too much longer, since I love to spread good shopping tips! 😉

From that, spawned the idea to keep up a blog of creative ideas, thoughts, and people that I’d like to share!

Well, one of those creative people at the above market was  Miss Katie May! If you haven’t heard, she makes the most lovely little hair accessories, Bella Donnas. You can check out her creativity here http://belladonnabykt.wordpress.com/

They’re cute, right?! Well, here’s your chance to shop for BDBK just in time for Christmas! Bella Donna by Katie is hosting a trunk show this Saturday, Dec 4th!!!  Visit http://belladonnabykt.wordpress.com/ for details!!


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